Triton is one of approximately 300 breweries that have opened up around Indianapolis recently.  It gets a bit of a short shrift, seeing how it’s not centrally located and they don’t seem to have the internet hype of your Sun Kings and Flat 12’s.  But they’re pretty darn good, so Imma write about em right here.

First off, I dig the bottle art.  It combines two of the five major styles of beer art: the Comic Book (style 3) and the Vaguely Soviet (style 5).  This evening’s first beer, Sin Bin Pale, has borrowed the logo of the local “Iced Hockey” team, and apparently the “sin bin” refers to the savage practice of submerging underperforming hockeymen in a tub of frozen beer.

Sin Bin has a nice, dark pour and surprisingly sweet and fruity aroma.  The taste is less tart, as the sweet fruit esters are balanced nicely against toasty malt and mild spice complexities of Belgian yeast; it stays sweet throughout but never gets cloying or synthetic-tasting.  This is a damn fine entry-level Belgian, a nice stepping stone for those aren’t quite ready to bridge the gap between Blue Moon and Orval.

Next up we got Deadeye Stout, the logo for which looks like one of those reverse power-ups in the new Mario Brothers games (which are bullshit, btw).

This is a straight-up American dry oatmeal stout.  It’s super roasty with large coffee nodes and a pleasantly rough finish of oatmeal and toffee.  Very nice, very creamy body ties everything together quite well—one of the best session stouts I’ve drank in a long while. Certainly worth the price of admission.

Pretty sure that Triton’s availability is pretty limited outside of Indy—I’ve never seen them north of Lafayette.  (CORRECTION: They are available statewide). But sixers are available and worth picking up.  And their tap room is fucking adorable and you should stop by:

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