2013-01-30 15.43.50After a long week of working in a goddamn freezer every once in awhile I like to go visit my family for a mini bender. My dad is retired and my brother is a college student so they have plenty of free time to make poor decisions for a few days in the middle of the week. We usually end up at the dirty bowling alley in the next town over drinking $1.50 mystery beers but I make sure to grab some regional offerings to drink when I wake up in the morning.

Today I woke up to Great River Brewery Hop*A*Potamus. Brewed and canned in Davenport Iowa. After a long night of said mystery beers (that included an assortment of Natty whatevers, Beast whatevers, Steel Reserves, Cheladas, High Life Lights, and Keystones) nothing recharges your bending like something called a double dark rye pale ale and at 9% you feel like you’re really getting at it at 9AM. I guess it’s double dark, but not like double dark like you turned off the lights AND closed the curtains double dark.  More double dark like they used dark malts but left the curtains open so it’s kinda dark but light can get in double dark……..double dark. So yeah, it’s dark red with a pretty nice head on it. It smells like they planned on making it double dark from the roasted malt smell with a little chocolate, rye and pine are hanging around as well. As for the taste it’s double dark. Bready, spicy, hoppy, ryey, doubley darky. I’m really digging this as a double dark “wake up” beer. Great River is worth checking out if you’re around Eastern Iowa. So all in all, double dark, double dark, double, dark, zzzzzzzzzzzzz.



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