Oh hey Millstream you old so and so. Its been a little while, its nice to see you again.  I see you’re doing well. Yeah, I guess I have lost a little weight. You’re not looking to bad yourself. I’ve been good. No I’m not seeing anyone currently,  there’s been a few others, Toppling Goliath,  Peace Tree, but nothing serious.   
   Millstream, the old standby. She’s safe, she’s reliable, she’s there for you. But wait, what’s this? She threw on a sexy number and isn’t as shy as you remember. Is that raspberry and Belgium yeast I detect? Ohlala. I love that golden hazy little thing you’re wearing. Oh baby, you never used to kiss me like that. Do I taste raspberries and other sweet sweet fruits? When did you become so outgoing at 8%? You dirty little slut. I’m starting to feel weird, I gotta go.

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