When’re they gonna just introduce a category called Oak Ale? Cus that’s all this tastes like. Lots of oak, vanilla, chocolate, and all them other BBA-type nodes that all you intolerable shitlicking beer geeks keep clamoring over.

What’s here? Goodness. But it’s a safe, bland goodness the likes of which could have been produced by pretty much any competent brewer. If Cigar City had the same distribution of, say, Boulevard, this wouldn’t warrant a second glance. If it were as easily available Sam Adams, there’d be a big movement afoot right now about how this BA-business was getting out of hand, it’s boring, it’s bad, let’s try and do something new.

But humble, regionally distributed Cigar City don’t need to worry about any of that. They can hop on whichever bandwagon they please and the beery denizens will still give up their nerdy applause. Me, I’m not that impressed. I mean, it’s good, but it’s good in an exceedingly generic sense. And this isn’t the kind of Generic Good like an adjunct pils, which takes some measure of competence to craft. It’s good in a manner that’s very, very easily to replicate. Just get a mellow, malty ale of presumably middling character, stick it in some good wood for a while, then, bam, you get automatic praise. So long, that is, that you’re not too readily available.

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