smoked maple

Ever since I had Toppling Goliath’s otherwordly Mornin’ Delight, I’ve been jonseing hard for more maple beer–sneaking Cadillac Mountain bottles into IHOP, grossing out the dudes outside the roller derby by taking hits from an Aunt Jemima bottle in between swigs of OE. But nothing worked. And since the big syrup beers are hard as shit to find, revolting homebrew looked like my only option.

But then, o! glories, someone gave me this as a toss-in. I like rauchbiers. And, whatever, this’ll taste like maybe you burnt some pancakes–like your stepdad made them all half-assed because he was thinking about banging your mom–and this is what it tastes like.

Only it don’t taste like that. It tastes very, very tame. The smoke is present, but at about half the strength of, say, Aecht Schlenkerla. And that meager smoke is enough to make the syrup all but undetectable. I never would have detected any maple nodes if the beer’s name didn’t prompt me to.

Still, it’s well done. Just not what I was expecting.

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