Have we not talked about this yet? H-how have we not talked about this yet? It is mana from the gods.

(This picture above is crappy since this is from a growler I opened days ago and was too sun and booze-addled to bother taking a picture when it was still properly effervescing. Also, hey, even flat it’s STILL VERY GOOD.)

I’ve complained before about how Sofie has gone downhill—it was livelier upon its initial, limited release, with bigger nodes of brett and a grassier finish. When it got a wider release it was like a super fizzy witbier with mild brett nodes. The draft version is especially tame, because apparently I like my saisons like I like my avuncular TV neighbors: a little musty and light-struck.

But here they add grapefruit and angel sputum and the result is just boffo. A crisp, dry, and excessively unflawed (excessively bland) saison is complicated up juuuuuust enough to make it one of the year’s best beers.

Sofie is an excellent “blank pallet” beer, like Huna or Prairie’s Noir. Only instead of having to amp it up by mixing peppers and chocolate or other sorts of unholy flavor combinations that before the advent of those Japanese “Doritos Twist” bags were unfathomable. But, jeez louise guys, do we really want to get to Doritos-level stupid with our beer flavor combinations? Doesn’t it make more sense to stop with simple fruit and bacteria?

Which brings me to Gillian. Again, no picture, but here’s an amusing Twitter exchange:

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 11.23.18 PM

See, I was at Three Floyds a couple weeks after DLD, when they were still going through guest kegs they didn’t get to tap at the fest. The bartender said that the kegs were very simply labeled—brewery, beer names. That’s it. No style explanation, no ABV, no nothing. They called the beer “Gilligan,” because they are simple folk with a simple set of references, and so no results came up from beer advocate, and so I couldn’t review it.

Anyhow, it was tremendous. I don’t remember how, exactly, other than it tasted strongly of berries.

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