urine trouble

Hur hurr I bet those dudes at FFF actually peed in this and everyone’s enough of a sheeple that they’ll pretend it’s good hurr hurr.

Fuck you. Know what? I am that sheeple, man. I’m covered in wool and shelties terrify me. Was I born in a barn? Please. I’d have killed to have a door that I could have left open all the time. You insult this beer, you insult my people.

I tried a glass of it at the brewery in like june and I said to myself “there’s a beer that could use some aging.” And, again, here the BA moron denizens will start chastising me because, dude, you aren’t supposed to let a DIPA age. But—ha—it turns out that you freshness queens are the real sheeple, because not all double pales are meant to be canvases upon which hops explode. Sometimes, the yeast and brett are meant to take center stage. And when that happens, drowning out a bit of the beer’s intentional cat-pee nodes makes it much more interesting.

Tastes like a barnyard, which is good. Previously it tasted like a petting zoo, which wasn’t as good. Tart berries, ripe fruit, pineapples, and hay. Now is the time to open yours up.

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