This is part of a bi-weekly series in which we look at and discuss shitty beer art. No offense is meant, necessarily, towards any of these beers.

Upland’s Dragonfly IPA

Upland Brewing Company Dragonfly IPA

It was nice of Upland to go back in time to 1996 and then let a high school student design their website. It was nicer still to allow that student’s artsy sister (who probably has a tongue stud) to design the logo for their flagship IPA. I bet it took her, like, 5 tries before she settled on the right font.

Nebraska Brewing Company’s Black Betty


This isn’t that bad, I guess, but I’ll never understand why so many brewers want their art to look like confederate money.

Everything from Ska Brewing

I guess I shouldn’t expect strong aesthetics from a brewery that’s named after the world’s worst genre.

King’s Hard Tail Ale


Is this 1989? Am I reading an issue of Game Pro? If the Rude Dog/Skate or Die aesthetic is coming back it better not come back in a manner that glorifies cheap mountain bikes.

Brigadoon Brewing Company’s corporate logo


Is this the masthead to one of those soft core porn 3D0 games? I mean… Good god. I’m not expecting supreme graphic design worksmanship, but for the love of god your artist should know better than to try to cobble together a logo using AtariWriter. At the very least you should use a software that allows you to connect a mouse to the computer. Given 15 minutes and a working copy of Mario Paint, I’m certain that my cat could design something more visually appealing.

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