farmstead arthur

You know how Bottle Caps are named “bottle caps” because they kinda taste like soda? Or how Runts are called “runts” because they they resemble the fruit-like paste that midgets were forced to eat during the war? Shock Tarts were so named because they taste like when you kiss a girl while she licks an outlet.

This is like that only pleasant. And lemony. Less pleasantly weedy than the other beers I’ve had from them (and I can’t tell any of those other beers apart because they all have the names of old people. Note to HF: if you want for us millenials to have affective attachments to your beers, you’re going to have to start giving them names like “Ashlee” or “Jayden.”)

That’s all I got to say. I’m nearing the end of this crate of Hill Farmstead I traded for and I’m yet to come up with a single worthwhile thing to say about any of them. Fuck you.