Hey you can get growlers of Toppling Goliath in Wisconsin thirty minutes away from the Twin Cities and that’s exactly what I did today even though there’s a giant blizzard that obviously doesn’t approve of Minnesotans crossing the border to buy booze! At the eccentric lodge-themed Casanova’s Liquor in Hudson, WI I’d heard they’ve filled several of Toppling Goliath’s no-bullshit IPA’s like Golden Nugget, Pseudo Sue, and ZeeLander. You can check out Casanova’s usually up-to-date growler list here. Today, unfortunately for me (who frequently associates specific beer styles to breweries and then steers clear of any other style they make), the only TG they were filling was an oatmeal stout, the 6.6%abv Rover Truck. Contrary to the sound of its name and also how the above picture makes the beer look like oil wrung out of a seagull who had it coming, Rover Truck is one of the most easy-drinking, straight-forward, you-get-what-you-paid-for oatmeal stouts I’ve ever been made to think hard about. Once again this is another example of Clark and the gang at TG displaying their competence as brewers in what seems like a long form performance art piece satirizing breweries who take a full decade just to produce a drinkable pale ale.  The pour begins with an old man’s liver-spotted skin head (trademarked descriptor!) that hovers over the standard black body. Includes a coffee and chocolate ice cream front with a Raisinet finish! There’s that familiar blood taste that only I can detect in dark beers because I have problems. (I think this has something to do with the acidity of the dark malts used but also probably the regurgitated stomach acids mixing with my saliva)

Before today, the last time I had any Toppling Goliath was at the Lava Lounge in Waterloo, IA when they had a keg of very fresh Pseudo Sue (a Citra single hop pale ale) on tap. After the first pint, my friend and I resembled meth heads who just found a whole 62.8 quart Tupperware bin of the stuff (that’s what they distribute meth in, right? I watch TV!). Now experiencing Toppling Goliath creeping further towards my home has me obsessively checking Casanova’s growler list and reconsidering the return to my 1.5 hour detour through Decorah on my way back to the family in Iowa I flirted with ~a year ago. (Yes, I flirt with my family, ya vanna fight about it?)