Apparently I need to stop being impressed by finding beers I first heard about in 2007. I’m just getting around to Nugget Nectar–I’m all excited, start writing about it, get a big ol’ Double N logo tattooed on my lower back–but then everyone calls me a melvin because the hot new thing is this Nigerian lager they brew using parts of a little kid who got hacked to death because he didn’t work fast enough in the diamond mines. It’s called “He Didn’t Go to Jared” and it’s billed as a Carbon Aged Triple IPA. And, fuck, it’ll be like five years before I get to try it, and by that point the cool kids’ll be drinking Martian beer, probably.

Anyhow, wow! This was just sitting at a Binny’s! Like it was no big deal!

I like reds with earthy back ends, and this has that. The hops aren’t as wowza as I was expecting but it’s real good balance-wise. Also, an immensely pretty pour.

This is, seriously, a DAMN fine stylistic split between an hoppy American red and an almost Marzeny German beer. It’s super drinkable, the back end’s got all the chewy malt goodness I like in an Oktoberfest, and the front should keep all but the most asinine of hopheads happy. Give it a try.

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