Bourbon-barreled stouts owe me a lot: dignity, the whiteness on the part of my face where said whiteness use to hang out. Oh yeah, money! They definitely shouldn’t be playing tricks like sneaking into beers I had already pre-scheduled the appropriate taste buds to appear before the tongue surface for in expectation of some other dominant character like, say, coffee. After taking in the first whiff of Peruvian Morning (and actually reading the label) I picked up the bourbon scent right away. I scoffed as I mumbled “pfft, figures”, attempting to deride Central Waters for only being the tastiest one-trick pony ever considering the prominence of their other bourbon barrel-aged offerings such as their “barleywine” and “regular”. The misplaced hate continued with the burnt, smoky, kinda nutty aroma briefly stepping outside before being gunned down by dark chocolate concentrated roasted coffee in a hail of chocolate chip morsels.

Taste has obvious dark fruit up front: not so much the typical raisin but more cranberry juice. Candied coffee grounds (that’s a thing, right?) wrap around the tongue for the finish. For me, prolonged mouth time of bourbon-barrel-aged beers has lately been getting translated into liquid Rolos and this is no exception. I like the idea of anticipating a beer that’s by description delicious and then being delivered something still delicious but unlike what you expected. Similar to a homebrew planned out to taste like a strawberry shortcake but instead it ends up tasting like $$1,000,000 cognac (that’s with TWO dollar signs!).

Basically, I just like being lied to. Thankfully the coffee domination that I had declared the $12 I plopped down for this four-pack would go to support was repelled by an army of, like, every other good thing that can have a hint of coffee without really tasting like coffee. Weird.

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