coffe abduction

Dustin is a moron and so Andrew and I had to sit for an hour in front of the Lansing, Illinois Red Roof Inn while waiting for our ride to Dark Lord Day. Pretty sure we saw some hookers bringing johns into their rooms (that, or or an overweight black woman in a tubetop just happened to entertain business offers from three separate white dudes, and those business negotiations must have been plenty intense because they all walked out looking sweaty and regretful).

To liven up the mood, we put began listening to Swiss post-punk girl groups and cracked open a bottle of Pipework’s Raspberry Truffle Abduction. It tasted dumbly sweet, like jelly. I mean, it was enjoyable and all, but not exactly a work of art.

And so even though it’s not my night to review a beer I didn’t very high hopes for Coffee Abduction, so I figured I’d just go ahead and crack it open. That was dumb of me. This is capital-A Amazing.

Tastes eerily simliar to the first few vintages of Darkness: definite coffee nodes, overall pretty vinous,but mostly you’re just floored by the audacity of the dry and aggressive American hop profile.

I drank this right after a Speedway–there was still some Speedway in my ladyfriend’s cup–and it was intense enough that I absolutely could not taste the Speedway after just a sip of this. Yet it never gets cloying or stupidly intense. It’s just a rough, hoppy imperial stout with some slight coffee nodes. Excellently done.

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