What better way to celebrate noon on a Saturday standing in line for a half hour, breathing in Muster’s miasma of battery acid pollution and raw destitution, and then taking a seat at a bar where a heavily tattooed server condescends to you? Er—actually, for whatever reason, whenever I make a solo trip to the Floyds the staff is always really nice to me and I make friends with my fellow inebriation enthusiasts. And since I’m unable to simply stop by and grab a case of Zombie Dust, as was the plan, maybe I just happened to spend a while there, sampling some of the new wares.


Few days ago I said Pipework’s Coffee Break Abduction was the best beer I’ve had all year. I still stand by that, but second place goes to Three Floyd’s exquisite Czech pilsener, which goes by the unfortunate name of Czech Booty Camp (maybe it’s not unfortunate; maybe I it’s a reference I just don’t get. I dunno.) Here’s my old BA review of the beer:

A damned exquisite example of the style. Not quite the hop rush of Victory’s Prima Pils, but I’d put in the same class of excellent American-made Czech Pils. If anything it’s… more authentic than Victory’s? That’s really difficult for me to say, seeing as I don’t know the full ingredients for this beer and I’ve never had a Czech-made Czech pils that was really fresh. But the point of the beers is that they’re flavorful but also super quaffable, which this is. The beer is a blend of sunshine and weeds upfront and gorgeously bitter and complex hops in the back.

It’s really hard to brew a beer like this. Floyds did it magnificently.

Nice, eh? In the original review I misspelled magnificiently, so this beerhole version is like the cleaned up director’s cut edition.

You might also notice that this beer, being a Pilsener, is bound to get less-than-stellar reviews from the genius users of Beeradvocate, even though it is a friggin’ perfect example of its style. This is why I hate the “hads” feature on BA, because at back when you had to write a review, if you had a moronic opinion you at least had to attempt to explain. Now, lord knows what cool cats like Rainblows and mjohnson17 were thinking when they gave this a middling review. Trust me, though: they are stupid. Ignore them.

Next up we got the impossible-to-pronounce Tonnerre Neige. I mean, it’s probably pronounced French-like, but proper Francophonics are not the purview of the Floyds. Anyhow, it’s something about a commune that’s maybe made of thunder?

floyds saison

This was a saison. I had recently gone on a surprise binge of Goose Island Sofie variatnts, which each more fruity, extreme, and wonderful than the last, and so this struck me as a bit underwhelming. Not bad, though: loads of dark fruit, surprisingly salient American hop profile, and spice with a nice firm effervescence. I prefer my saisons tart, is all, so it’s not like this was badly brewed so much as it just wasn’t my cup of beer-flavored tea.

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