For my first bit of input on here, I ended up going with a west coast brewery selection – Ballast Point’s Sea Monster.

So I stopped through my local Binny’s & spot all these BP new arrivals. They all look pretty neat – lined up all in a row like. “These look interesting,” I mumble to my neighbor (and drinking buddy). Cut to me walking out with ‘In the Name of Suffering’ & Stone’s Old Guardian. Gonna play it safe, I think to myself. Needless to say those new arrivals haunted me.

I get home. I do some fancy phone interweb searchin’. Ballast Point is as old as the great & powerful Three Floyds. Opened in 1996 – they’re the first & only craft DISTILLERY in San Diego. They apparently pump out a variety of rums, gin & soon vodka & whiskeys. The beers I passed up – limited releases! Well fuck my butt, I’d better get back over there! So, I pound through my safe picks & too many of the neighbor’s Hispanic lagers, and wander back over to BinBin’s.

I got me this here imperial stout – 10% ABV & sporting a gnarly angler fish. Cracked the thing open and, man…I’m glad I went back! This little motherfucker is tasty! Now my mouth wasn’t ready for such an event, not @ all. I’ve been riding this stubborn canker sore for 3 full days now. The immediate sting washes over it & I become sure I’m fucking up any chance of curing my woes (in a traditional sense). But, you know what, I don’t even care. Once the initial pain subsides & my lips go numb, all I get is the smooth finish and carmel-like coating that my throat deserves. This seasonal imperial stout is worth the fight. I’m going to drink this one slowly.

I’ll spare you from my attempt @ a lengthy beer review. I’ll simply say that if you get a chance to try one of Ballast’s brews – fucking do it!