I am become death, destroyer of worlds.

The year: 2040

The “human race” as we know it has largely been eradicated. The singularity, that moment we humans had long imagined, had finally arrived and we were the waste. Those who survived subsisted on whatever bio-matter still clung to the landscape. Our earth has been reformed: the robots built an artificial ozone that provided huge amounts of solar electricity while at the same time absorbing all incoming wavelengths of light and relaying them as pixels to the planet below.Nothing comes easy for the remaining humans: their day-to-day existence consists of nothing but desert sands, running from cover to cover, and hoping to fall upon some hapless rat scurrying through the rubble. Imagine the inhabitants under an LA overpass, and you’ve got a good idea.

But there is still hope for humanity. They are the resistance, and little by little, they’ve managed to scrape together their one weapon against the all powerful AI–but the price for victory will not come cheap. In order to beat the machine one must  become the machine. One brave man, Dick Trickle Jr. (son of former NASCAR driver Dick Trickle), has volunteered to sacrifice his humanity in order to fight the machine. He has spent the last few months readying his body and his mind: hours of lifting cinder blocks in order to build his muscles, cardio that will help build his stamina. What little excess resources his camp has, they’ve given to Dick. His body has been sculpted to a mythical status. He is the future. He is the one…

T-minus 8 minutes until conversion

We see Dick looking out over the pixellated falling light that they still call “sunset”. Behind him, General Gaper holds out a bottle.

“The last step, sir” says Gaper.

Dick grabs the bottle and looks upon the label. A picture of a man with a big red hat adorns the label. “Cute,” says Dick.

“Permission to speak freely, sir,” says Gaper.”

“Permission granted,” Dick says as he opens the bottle and pours it into a glass.

“It’s been an honor serving under you, sir. The only reason I know this is gonna work is because…well…you’re the one taking the plunge.”

“‘preciate it, Gape. Now if you don’t mind, bottoms up.”

Dick picks up his glass and looks at the brownish-red liquid swirling around. The faint scent of rust hits his nose as he brings it to his lips and takes a hearty quaff. He’s hit with the sensation of licking a 9-volt battery. At first he thinks it’s not bad: it breaks down into a temporary dull buzz of hops. But then the back-end hits and he can taste nothing but the worst alkali metals man ever discovered. Copper. Everywhere there is copper. The glass slips from his fingers as he lurches forward.


His vision is scrambled. He feel the faint odor of freshly cut grass escaping through his nostrils. Those memories of baseball fields, right hand turns, and cheese fries are quickly escaping his brain. His veins feel ice cold while the warmth seeps from his body. With his last remaining strength, he lifts himself up from the floor and peers out the window.

“A sunset!”

The taste of blood in his mouth gives way to aluminum.

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