flanders 1

To address the haters: firstly, there is no need to continue referring to me as “The Ass Messer,” as I have begun a prescription regimen to address my leakage concerns. Secondly, this is a different beer than the Barrel Aged Johan I reviewed some time ago. Sun King just pours all their fancy reserve series beers into this same screw-top bottle, and then they put a cool sticker on it that tells you which one it is. See:

flanders 2

Okay, having addressed that, good lord this is an aggressive Flanders. This is one rare style where Americanization has typically equalled pussification. While we love loading up pale ales with raw alpha acid and have no problem soaking our stouts in spent turpentine barrels, for some reason we get all meek and timid when it comes to Flanders reds.

This was bold enough to remind me of the first time I tried Duchesse De Bourgogne: surprising acidic fruit, light twang of alcohol, OJ, melon, lemon, and harsh, sweet cherry. An aggressive, abrasive rush that’s like a cross between a really good beer and a really good salad dressing. A very pleasant punch to the face.