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Received a gigantic box of Prairie last week, but I’ve been too busy with my serious drinking to bother with thoughtful drinking and so I haven’t had a chance to write about it. But now my work is done and I don’t got to be no where for 15 hours, so let’s open up one of these bastards.

Bomb is the most coveted Prairie, and so I’ll go with that first. It’s part of this new trend wherein high-ABV imperials are aged on peppers and chocolate, because chocolate covered peppers are just everyone’s favorite treat. It smells…like chocolate and peppers. But also crisp and manicured, like the fragrance of one of those brightly lit mall stores where they sell overpriced kitchen equipment. It’s clean, but a very specific, very dirty sort of clean.

Tastes like a new, perfect thing. I’ve had high-ABV chipotle stouts before, but this… this is different. The peppers dominate and are mellowed by the chocolate. So instead of getting a coffe-based RIS or a hoppy RIS or a vinous RIS, you get acidic, spicy peppers up front and smooth milky chocolate in the back. The former plays alongside the ethanol nodes, the latter buffets the barley. Also—what I realize after sipping it is that the cleanliness I detected in the aroma was the sharpness of the peppers interacting with the zippiness of the booze, which resulting in a dull-sharp peng of pleasant sterility akin to the rubbing alcohol swab doctors use before making injections.

Fucked up and damn near perfect.