Let’s keep the citrus saison train a’rollin’. This here is another selection from super hypey Chicago brewery Pipeworks, and it’s one of the approximately 900 beers they currently have available in bombers. Don’t know much about it, hype-wise, but they had the good sense and decency to announce its style right on the front of the bottle, and for that I applaud them. (Seriously, other brewers: take note. If you refer to your beer as “an electrifying dark ale” or “an impassioned wheat concoction” that’s usually a sign that your beer is shit.)

Anyhow, grapefruit saison. The word “saison” is right there, along with the picture of a grapefruit. Everybody (me) starts getting a halfie because this should logically be just as good as Sofie Paradisi, which is damn near divine.

Only it falls a little short. Like So’ P, the front end is dry and deceptively bitter. Unlike Paradisi, the dry bitterness lingers throughout and gets all up in the grapefruit’s grill. Everything comes together quite well, though, even if it lacks the manic high of its crosstown counterpart.

Just—fuck… did I just write the phrase “crosstown counterpart,” like this post was from the WGN beer blog? What would they call that? Would Tom Skilling be involved, or would they go for someone edgier and more youthful like Jim Belushi? God, Chicago is horrible. This beer isn’t, though. It’s good. Just—drink it.