Oh boy, a beer that’s available virtually anywhere! First time in quite a while writing one of these and you choose something really special. (Also why are you talking about yourself again, this is about the beer? You’re creeping yourself out!) Well actually, this selection would be sort of an anomaly if not for the fact that it’s -40 F or something outside right now. Normally (which means everyday) when I go to the liquor store my withdrawal symptoms kick in and I rush out with whatever trusted IPA has a bottle date on it. And with Surly Abrasive out right now at the bargain price of $18/4pk, resisting these urges has become even more arduous. This habit has afforded me a close-minded avoidance of most other beer styles.

Enter winter, the only good reason for climate change. Now, I’ve already covered my moral objection to winter on this blog here as well as contacted my local legislative representative to finally get something done about this piece of shit menace who keeps stealing my newspaper. So I’ll just keep it simple and start by saying that when it’s real fuckin’ cold out, for some reason, us peoples are all programmed to search out taunting reminders of warmth, e.g. roastiness, hence why I chose today’s Green Flash Double Stout.

This 8.8% bastard’s dark chocolate scent, palatably reminiscent of powdered chalk, luckily suggests that the fix for this subconscious need will soon be provided. And lo, how it is so! (I’m almost finished with the glass at this point so most of these sentences won’t make any sense) Bitter roast up front, Rolo middle, and a dry coffee end. Warmed up, an innocuous fusel alcohol comes out as the chalk gets transmuted into wood and the mouthfeel is smooth despite its appearance of respectable (for a stout) carbonation.

Good job Green Flash, you did what we paid you to do.

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