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First off, this bottle is really hard to photograph. I dig the patent medicine aesthetic: it’s old timey and pretty but still slick enough to avoid any of the ultra-Caucasian Americana trappings that make, say, banjo music so revolting. But, still, there’s too much shit going on there to get it all in a single photograph, and I’m not gonna post a gif of a fucking rotating beer bottle.

Second, hi. We’re gonna try writing these again.

Third, this is a straight up blend! We need more of these, especially with aged stuff. It’s okay for beers to not taste like fire. Actually—call me crazy—but I almost think that a lack of burn and pain, ditching that whole Raw Whiskey thing that totally masculine dudes have recently embraced because it so well compliments their cigars and racism—I—I think that’s a good idea. It’s cool to show restraint, guys.

Fourth, okay. Part American imperial stout, part BA dark ale. The result is intoxicating, but since this is a 10% ABV beer that’s not necessarily an achievement. What we got here is a big BA beer that’s kinda sorta meek, which is nice. The barrel aged movement has gotten so out of hand that a beer’s character can now be judged by how intense it isn’t. No dick waving here (or, umm, tit waving, for the ladies).

Blending two beers allows for (gasp!) different flavors to compliment one another, as opposed to blotting each other out in a hail of fire and rage. Starts just a little bit burny, but that moves into a lightly vinous dark ale middle that’s part peppery alcoholic, part lightly sour porter malt. Things smooth out into a finish of vanilla that’s backed up by a light whiskey burn and then a long, lingering aftertaste of dry hops.

Darn good. Not perfect, but darn good.