Some Apostrophe

I headed up to Kittery last month to check out Tributary, which is run by the old prospector dude who used to brew at Portsmouth. It was super nice, almost dream-like. A folk singer named Cormac McCarthy played a set, which was weird, because he looked enough like the writer Cormac McCarthy to make me almost ask if they were the same dude. (He also looked a little like Greg Popavitch, but less splotchy.) Tributary’s beer was fantastic and the setup seemed to cater not to beer people, thank god, but to grizzled Mainers, the sort of folk who don’t think it odd that a porter named Porter be the flagship of a brewery founded in 2014, who believe, dagnabbit, that fruit juice should taste like fruit juice and beer should taste like barley. Amen to that. A goddamn men.

Wh-what was I talking about? Kittery. It was a hazy and indistinct sort of place if only because the vibe at Tributary was so nice. We high-tailed it Portsmouth immediately afterward because it just didn’t seem like there could be much more to that part of Maine. Upon further inspection, it turns out we were wrong: there’s actually big-ass outlet mall and then, right past it in the back of a credit union, there’s a place called SoMe Brewery. You will have to drive past it at least once before you figure out where it is.

Did the proprietors intentionally choose an unGoogleble name? It stands for Southern Maine, of course, but as it stands it looks like “some,” which has to be one of the fifty or so most commonly spoken English words. Everything about the place seemed willfully, gleefully inaccessible. Aside from the place itself, that is. The actual place was very friendly.

We only had time and brainspace for one beer, so I went with the flagship IPA. On tap, it was fantastic: huge nodes of mango and grapefruit so juicy and intense it was comparable to Cycle Brewing’s fantastic Crank IPA. From a bottle, it’s not as good. The aroma is still loaded to the brim with fruity mosaic hops, but this is balanced rather harshly by rough, earthen barley. It still tastes quite good, but just not as good as it was on tap.

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