I don’t recall there ever being a louder, emptier hype. This is a real good beer bar! That means they logically must produce real good beer! Because those two things are exactly the same. Right? R-right?

Anyhow, the reviews have been middling. And the price the exorbitant. I paid $4.20 for a single, 16-ounce can. Heady Topper costs $3.12.

So, whatever. I bought it. No one forced me to. The hype had got to me, as did the dream of perhaps getting to stick it to the all know-it-all beer nerds, drop some serious knowledge about how this is actually an amazing new chapter in the history of beer. Bring in on, Hobos! I’m ready for your barrage of shanties and kettle-cooked beans!

Annnnd it’s just okay. Tastes like a really middle of the road DIPA from 2006.

Tastes great up front, actually: bready malt, almost English-tasting, against verdant American hops. But then the malt starts to get syrupy, as old school DIPAs are wont to do. The balance gets thrown off by the back end, and a lingering sour aftertaste does little to bring things together.

Really, this is an impressive early offering. Were it not for the hype and price, I and everyone else would have high hopes for this scrappy little brewery. But the hobos might have done themselves in, what with their pre-existing hipness raising expectations and all.