indeed let it roll

Just in time for the anniversary of the day freedom was born, Indeed Brewing drops this bittersweet liquid reminder of our country’s god-given duty to not only let us roll, but to also let it roll.

And like a pack of renegade air travelers this beer don’t take shit. When forced against its will into a shaker glass of captivity a light tan head repels a melon-y, bubblegum bouquet. The aroma is distinctively like hay in a rubber bottle, which also is allowed to be packed in your carry-on bag.

Once on board, the sharp malt flavor finds its seat behind an entire row of hops carefully selected for one mission: to overpower this IPA and bring its heavy malt structure to the ground. The beer takes off without incident. Cruising across the palate it remains on course for a typical hopped-up, light bodied journey. But then shortly after reaching altitude the grains come through dark and cloying, with hints of carob. The beer’s been hijacked! There becomes a discrete segregation of the front, those suspicious-looking hops immediately profiled as possibly the German Hull Melon variety, and the back, those remaining passengers whose patriotic righteousness expresses “No way, hombre! Not with me onboard!”

The back end’s malt majority attempts to overcome and disable its captors with complex, multi-grain teamwork, and many sweet catchphrases are uttered during the struggle. Heroism, American heroism, gets blasted on full fuckin’ display. Several hops go down, but some still leach through until the very final end.

Alas, the beer is gone, lost in the brutal collision of its vessel’s contents into the belly of grim reality. Even with an adorable old warehouse filled with recently upgraded brewing equipment, all beers must eventually go to drunk.

This September, grab one of these sonsabitches and commend the heroes inside, if only for the hope that the taste may enlighten us – strengthen us – with the same sense of boxcutter-deflecting badassness.