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Pours very, very thick and smoothy-like. I know this really upsets some people, and while I’ll admit it’s not the prettiest of styles it’s still not bad looking. Also maybe people just don’t care about appearance anymore, since it’s getting cooler and cooler to drink your beer right out of the can like some kind of goddamn animal. Anyhow, it looks like a orange and pineapple smoothie. If you told me they put oil paint in it, or that it was made out of melted halloween masks, I would believe you.

And the smoothie appearance apparently primes my peanut-sized brain into expecting it to actually smell like a smoothie, which it does not. It smells like a beer with a hoppy fruit profile, and while a majority of us beer people haven’t been close to anything to containing vitamins in years and so are easily fooled, this doesn’t *actually* smell like fruit juice. Only kinda sorta. And while it’s a pleasant hop profile, and while this type of fruity-hop-foward beer style is only like 18 months old, it’s already been played out to death. Props to Trillium for being really good in general, but I’ve had and forgotten brews from upstart shitheel breweries that are like 98% as good as this, even though those same brewers couldn’t make a decent amber or simple APA to save their worthless lives. That tells me that this type of beer, while enjoyable, ain’t exactly exceptional, even if it is slightly better than something an amateur could do and therefore in the “elite” tier of IPAs that taste like Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit.

Does this make me a curmudgeon, like those guys who give the appearance of this beer a 1.0 just because it’s so thick and hideous? Have my tastes calcified? M-maybe? I don’t know. Like I said, this isn’t bad. It’s good. I have gladly drank two bombers of it over the past week. It’s just not worthy of extraordinary plaudits, I don’t feel.